Monday, February 2, 2009

Up, Up And Away!

Salvatore Altimare of Dino's Party Center in Philadelphia organizes helium balloons at the Pennsylvania Convention Center the day before the opening of the Philadelphia International Auto Show. The show runs Jan. 31 thru Feb. 8.


Avid Reader said...

I like auto shows--haven't been to one in years (got free admission once to the Javitz Center. Things were slow that year (bad economy) not many crowds. so I got to sit in all the cars and pretend to drive.

Pete G. Wilcox said...

This auto show can't be any different attendance wise compared any other auto show in a bad economy. Although the Philly one is pretty well attended by public AND auto dealers alike. I was told by a rep from Auto Nation (key sponsor of event) said the Philadelphia area has one of the highest concentration of dealerships in the country. Meaning ALL manufacturers are represented at this year's show.