Friday, October 7, 2016

Maple City Century Bike Ride (30 Miles) Honesdale, PA

Just a few snapshots from the Maple City Century Bike Ride I did with Lee Curry from Around Town Bikes (in Wilkes-Barre) on September 25. With THREE route options (30, 62, or 100 miles) we opted for the 30 miler since these old mountain bikers, Lee and I, are not avid road bikers. With something like 2,400ft. of elevation gain made the 30 feel much longer. I think the 100 mile was nearly triple in elevation gain! Anyway we had beautiful weather on the entire ride and saw so many cool things. Too many to stop and photograph because I much rather concentrate on riding. And although the ride wasn't technically a timed race, I did want to finish the ride in under 4 hours which we did just about 4 hours on the nose. Perhaps next year I'll sign up for the 62 miler!

Siko Road in Honesdale

Siko Road near the Hancock Hwy in Honesdale

Stevenson Spur and Great Bend Tpke, Honesdale

Pond along the Cochecton Tpke, Honesdale

Farm at crossroads of Riefler Road and Carley Brook Road, Honesdale

View of farmland from Bryn Mawr Road, Honesdale

A bear made of logs at Camp Towanda, Niles Pond Road, Honesdale

Riding on the Cochecton Tpke, Honesdale

Riding on the Great Bend Tpke in Rileyville

Found a softball at park along Niles Pond Road

Niles Pond Road, Honesdale

Old barn on Bunting Road, Honesdale

Charolais Farm on Niles Pond Road, Honesdale