Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thorndale Branch

Retracing the Lehigh Valley's Thorndale Branch from Lopez to Thorndale. Not much is known about this 7.75 mile line other than it served a tannery at Thorndale and operated only for a few short years in the 1890s with the tracks being ripped up by 1898 after the tannery closed around 1894.

Thorndale Branch (facing west) parallel with Buckey's Road in Lopez, PA 

Thorndale Branch (facing east) parallel with Buckey's Road in Lopez, PA

Looking west on the Thorndale Branch state game lands borders private property near Buckey's Road in Lopez, PA

The old Schrifogel's Hotel (aka Schreyvogel's Hotel) which was a stagecoach stop along the Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike; also called the Berwick and Tioga Turnpike in the 19th century. The hotel was a popular stop for turnpike travelers on the 100 mile stretch between Berwick, PA to Elmira, NY. Elijah Ricketts, father of Civil War veteran Colonel Bruce Ricketts, was a regular patron of the hotel during his hunting trips to Ganoga Lake, Sullivan County, PA in the mid 1800's.

Former bridge site of the Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike at Loyalsock Creek.

Ellis Cemetery adjacent to the bridge crossing for the Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike at Loyalsock Creek.

Facing east looking at the Schrifogel's Hotel.

Access road links the Thorndale to the Susquehanna and Tioga Tpk (aka Old Berwick Tpk) in SGL No.13.

Road turns right to avoid a marshy area while the right of way for the Thorndale steers left into the marsh.

Rock cut on the Thorndale Branch.

After splitting from the road the Thorndale meanders through a stand of hemlocks before reaching the marsh.

Thick overgrowth on the Thorndale just before reaching the marsh. I bailed out of here and returned to the road to continue my trek to Thorndale.

The tannery at Thorndale.

The tannery at Thorndale.

Thorndale continues on the other side of Glass Creek.

The end of the Thorndale near Glass Creek Road in state game lands No.13 near Nordmont.