Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Golden Nugget, Lambertville, NJ

Took a cruise to Lambertville, NJ as I usually do about a dozen times a year to check for some good deals on antiques at the Golden Nugget outdoor flea market. Also tooled around across the Delaware (river) in New Hope. 


Squirrel said...

White Trash--why haven't I seen these before? I could have been using them for 8 yrs...

Haven't been down to the Lambertville / New Hope area in ages. Have you gone to Edmund Scientific? That's a great store, and in the area.

Pete G. Wilcox said...

Lambertville is an awesome little hamlet! I visit it at least a dozen times a year (I only live a little more than an hour away). It's like Nyack and Piermont in a lot ways but I favor Lambertville-New Hope area more just for the restaurants and antique shops.

The only Edmund Scientific I'm familiar with is the big commercial outfit with the catalogs (i.e. like the Sharper Image). They have a store in that part of Jersey? The mall at King of Prussia would make a lot of sense to put one there? Or perhaps near Cherry Hill?