Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Double Vision: The Snow Goose Gallery

Drove down into Bethlehem on Sunday, 11/16/08 to attend an art gallery reception at my friend Mary Serfass' The Snow Goose Gallery. Mary and fellow artist Chuck Nelson presented several paintings and sketches of their work in the entitled exhibition "Double Vision". It was a show two years in the making. The premise behind the exhibit was to show both artists interpretation of the same subject as for example a dogwood tree (pictured below). Up until Sunday's show Mary and Chuck had not seen each other's work. They worked primarily from photographs in 11 of the 13 pieces shown (25 in all) at the gallery. Two other depictions were from actual still lives. Keep in mind the kicker in all of this was at no time during the two years of producing their art work for "Double Vision" were the artists permitted to see each others work until the day of the reception. It was really cool seeing the their reactions as they walked around the room looking at each others work. Very moving experience for all who attended the show. Got a lot of great candids.

Mary and Chuck walk into the gallery for the first time.

Works by Mary Serfass & Chuck Nelson. Chuck's "Pink Dogwood", 
on right, oil on coated paper; Mary's "Springblooms", ink/colored pencil.

Magnifying glass and programs from the show.

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