Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chorizo Burgers

Anymore this is becoming my de facto recipe for making burgers as I love to jazz things up a bit instead of using only salt and pepper as the lone seasonings. I was making some hamburger patties for the grill recently one evening and  spotted some leftover chorizo sausage hanging out in the frig and immediately recalled seeing a Portuguese meatloaf recipe that incorporated the chorizo into the loaf. I thought if chorizo works for meatloaf it will work for burgers! So I grabbed a bowl, took a box grater and shredded the small link of chorizo (a couple ounces worth I guess, I eyeballed it), into the bowl it goes, add the ground beef (1-1.5lbs.), throw in a half of a finely diced small red onion, a clove or two or THREE of finely grated or minced garlic, some fresh herbs chopped up (I like thyme or rosemary), a teaspoon of olive oil, a splash of worcestershire sauce, a few grinds of fresh black pepper, pinch of kosher or sea salt. Now get your mitts in there (wash them first of course) and incorporate everything really well but don't over work it to much. The meat will look like SPAM then. You want a little bit of texture in there. So just mix the ingredients so everything just comes together. Make the patties however thick you want. I made my patties about 1/2" thick and slightly bigger than a hockey puck so I only got about 6 burgers in my batch. Deploy your Weber grill, get the Kingsford charcoal stoked up good and hot..glowing, dump coals into the kettle, put the cooking grate on and then you're ready to get grilling those burgers man! Cook 3-4 minutes a side for med. rare-ish, add a few slices of cheese (I like manchego**Spanish sheep milk cheese**), put between a toasted kaiser or Portuguese roll, with lettuce and a slice or two of tomato..Oi! Burger bliss!

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